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Forced sex with me in hostel


Indian Sex Stories

06-15-2011, 09:43 PM
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Forced sex with me in hostel
This is an event which happened during my MBA college days, It was a common hostel for Guys and Gals. Girls used to stay at third floor and Guys were at first and second floor. Our college had really good hostel facility and everything is available inside and around the premises.

It was Saturday night and we girls were are all chilling out late night, playing cards and making funny jokes on each other …. It was almost 1:00am in night and suddenly power went off ….everybody started shouting ….. Its always fun whenever power goes off like that….. The cards game was spoiled and I thot of going to sleep. My roommate Mitali was busy talking with her bf….so I used my cell phone to go to my room and went to bed….

Our hostel had generator and the power should have come back after sometime, but its almost 5 minutes had passed and it was still dark. Suddenly I felt few foot steps running towards my room, I thot it would be some fun going on in girl roommates. All those foot steps came to my room, I said whats going on?? Why r u gals running??

Nobody replied, and came close to me…. I couldnt see anything but can feel many people around me …..

Suddenly someone touched me at my stomach
I thot it must be my roommate Mitali being naughty, so I said

What are you doing?

But there was no response, I could feel the hand moving towards my Boobs. Then came another hand and reached my right breast.

I was wearing only a lose t-shirt and short, (thats my night dress) …..

The hands were playing with my boobs from top of t-shirt…then one hand on left moved down to my navel level and pulled my t-shirt up…I tried stopping by holding the hand, but was over powered by third hand….so I realized there are two of them….who else could be second one? I was sure about Mitali ….. Second could be Anuj….he always told me about my sexy boobs…. So I thot of not trying strength on two of them….. I wanted them to play also ….. As I liked it……

My left hand was tightly held by them ….and now I realized my bed was lifted in air and moving towards center of our room….I said…

What r u doing guys?

But no reply….

They moved my bed somewhere in center of room…I couldnt see where I am….I couldnt see who is around….but it was exciting…..and I was getting aroused….
They had moved my t-shirt upto my neck and pulled it out….I coudlnt resist much…they easily over powered me….I was topless…..and now the two hands were massaging my boobs like an expert massager…..I was njoying ….and started breathing heavily……

There were two more hands coming to my legs….

Whats going on? These are not only two ….there is one more …. Who is this? Could be either rahul or nikhil…. As this was my group…..where is Somya ? She must also be around…..

My both hands were tightly gripped by two who are pressing my boobs with one hand….

The two hands reached my cunt and pressed it from top of my shorts….and quickly reached to take off my shorts…..I tried folding my legs to stop them…but there was another pair of hand tightly gripped my legs too…so this is Somya as she could easily over power me :) …. Now I was all in their control….I couldnt do anything….and they were free to do whatever they want….

I was naked as a new born child…they spread my legs and one of them kissed my pussy…..which was already getting lubrication…..

I could feel a tongue moving in and out of my cunt …. They are tongue fucking me ….wow…..I was in heaven…..till now I wanted to see who all of them were…but now I close my eyes and started enjoying the tongue in my cunt…… I was getting wet….
The two hand on top were now replaced by there lips….they were kissing my boobs …. They started biting and liking it all over till my neck…. I was breathing so heavy now….I couldnt control ….. Tried moving my legs…but couldnt do anything….

Suddenly I got a shock when the left hand gripping me took my hand and put on to something …. It was a dick…. Oh gosh. There was no gurls.. It was not my group……I realized now…..and the dick was rock hard….I tried moving my hand away…but didnt have choice…..

The tongue playing on my cunt went away and someone came on top of my bed… I could feel a dick entering my pussy….it was a big dick ….
I was scarred …but was aroused so much that didnt want to stop them… I was already wet… And wanted them to screw me to the deepest….

I started moving my left hand which was on the dick…I started shacking it….it was getting wet….

The dick inside my cunt was moving deeper …. And it was feeling painful…. It was really a big dick….it was being pushed deep inside and pulled out now….I was really enjoying it…..

Then there was someone holding my face and trying push his dick in my mouth…. I licked it and playing with it from my tongue….

I came now…but they didnt stop…. They kept changing and doing same with me …. I was screwed by 5 guys …. And first one was the best….with biggest dick….

I was tired and didnt move at all….

They all ran back after having me…..

After 5 minutes the power came up….. And I realized, that must be our college guys who did it intentionally.

I took the bed sheet and slept as I was….In the morning Mitali asked me …. Why did oyu move your bed in center of room…. I didnt say anything…

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