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Girlfriend's Mom Raped


Indian Sex Stories

05-12-2012, 10:52 PM
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Girlfriend's Mom Raped
“Seema itni der kahan laga de tumne…Aaj phir der se ghar aaye ho..sharam nahin aatee..awara logon ke sath ghoomtee ho der raat tak…?”
“mummy, mere doston ko awara mat kaho…tum unhen nahin jantee to bekar kyon bol rahee ho…woh log muhje samajhte hain..aur mujhe acche lagte hain..”
“jaban ladatee ho ..aware ladkee…aane do tumhare papa ko…tumhare khaal keech daloongee…Sali besharam awara bigdel ladkee..”
“mummy , jaban sambhal ke baat karo…bigdel main nahin tum ho..padosee ke saath kaise has has ke der tak baat kartee ho…tab sharam aate hain tumhen…”
“saali…kutiya…muj pe iljam lagate hai…aane to tumhare papa ko…nangee karwake itne pitayee karwoongee…Sali kutti…teri ek ek haddi tod daloonge aaj..”
“jaban sambhal ke baat kar preety….himmat hai to haath laga ke dekh…tujhe mere doston se jaleel nahin karwaya to mera naam bhee seema nahin..”
” ja ja…tere dost…un radwon, do kauri ke logon per main thookte bhee nahin…Sali rand.., apne maa se baat karne kee tameez nahin hai…”
Next day seema told every thing to her friends. “yaar ab to bahut ho gaya…” rajeev said to his friend sanju.. “seema ki mummy to use bahut parehsaan kartee hai..”
“haan yaar..dekho na seema kaise ro rahee hai..” sanju said
Both guys went upto seema and tried to console her…. “hey seema ro mat yaar…tere liye hum jo hoga karenge…” “haan haan seema , tu jo bol hum karenge yaar…tujhe rota hua nahin dekh sakte…”
Seema tries to control her sobs…” yaar meri mummy ko seedha karne ka koi tareeka nahin hai…..woh bahut kameeni hai yaar…”
“oho…tu bol to sahee…koi rasta to hoga…Sali kutiya ko theek kar denge…”
“ek rasta hai…” seema said….
“accha bol…, hum tere liye kuch bhee karenge ..”
“meri randee mummy ko itna maro…itna dard do…itna bura kutte wala rape karo….ki Sali mujhe ya mere doston ko kuch bolne se pehle bahut dare…” seema said..
“are u sure seema…u wanna get ur mom Preety get punished like a slut…”
” haan baba…mujhe ek yehi rasta lagta hai us janamjat kutiya to theek karne ka..” seema said..
” to theek hai…es monday afternoon tum humhen apne ghar mein enter karwa do…hum tumharee kutiya mummy to itna bura chodenge…itna marenge Sali ko…ki saat janam tak uskee choot hamare naam se bhee daregi..”
“mujhe tum logon se yahee ummed thee yaar…tum meree sacche dost ho…” seema said..and they hugged together to display their affection for each other…
Monday afternoon , there was no one at seema’s house except his mom , Preety…now Preety was quite a women…she was well endowed and she loved sex profusely…her ass was something youngsters and elder folks both loved to see swaying when she walked down the road to market….and her boobies and curvy fleshy body was helpful in fantasizing and masturbation to many neighbourers…She had a bad temperament because no one had taught her manners…but these youngsters today were going to teach her a lesson or two…
So when she was alone in house…seema let the two guys in…Preety was in her master bedroom…lying down on her comfortable large bed and in her flimsy nighty…relaxing and enjoying the pleasant afternoon…not realizing that shortly she is going to experience pain and humiliation she never ever imagined…
Slowly two guys rajiv and sanju sneaked past the living room and seema indicated them the master bedroom in which preety was alone…they tip-toed to the room and slowly opened the door and before preety could understand anything ..they were on her head..
“kya…tum log kaun ho….under kaise aa gaye…kaun ho tum…chalo bahar chalo….” Preety shouted and exclaimed… afraid of the two well built youngsters standing so close to her when she was just in her flimsy nighty…
“kya auntie…oh rather mommy…seema ki mummy to hamaree bhee mummy huee na…itna kyon gabra rahee hai aap….” Sanju said with a wicked smile..
“arrey…sunai nahin diya…guunde ho kya tum log…ghar mein ghus aaye…chalo bahar nahin to police bulatee ho…seema o seema…jara papa ko phone to laga…” preety shouted…now more scared than before…trying to get her nighty cover her legs…
seema heard her name and came into the room…”kya preety…tumne mere doston ko nahin pehchana…”
“oh…to yeh lafange tumhare yaar hain…Sali randi…apne yaar ghar mein kyon le aaye hai..?”
“yeh tumne mujhe aakhree baar jaleel kiya hai kutiya…aaj ke baad tum mujse itna daroogee…ki bas…” seema said furiously…and then she signaled to both guys like a dog owner signals her dog to feast on a piece of meat…
Both guys were just waiting for this signal…they started climbing on bed…soft large bed…preety started moving towards one end of the large bed…with fear in her large eyes…slowly she was moving back as she was getting zeroed down by these two youngsters….who were smiling at her attempts to save her body from getting ravished..
Suddenly as she tried to push sanju back…she regretted the step…sanju retaliated with such a loud and vicious slap…open palm landing on preety’s face that painful short cry escaped preety’s lips…she held her cheek in her hand as she moved back…”dekho tumhen jitna paisa chaheye main doongi….mujhe jane do…seema ke papa aate hee honge aur tum dono mar jaoge…iske batoon mein mat aao…”
Her logic was answered by a laugh by all three involved…seema just relaxing back and enjoying the show as both the guys reached very near to preety…
“preety mommy…ab jara apnee jawanee to dikhao….hum dono bhee tumhare bete jaise hain…hamare pyaas tum hee to bujhaaogee…”
Having said this rajeev started caressing mommy’s cheek…which she retorted only to receive another pair on hands on her face…
“aha…mommy ke gal to kitne chikne hain yaar..” sanju said…his fingers caressing preety’s face…fingers munching on preety’s soft soft cheeks , his large rough palm stroking mother’s face roughly…his fingers roughly moving on mom’s lips….he tried to insert one finger in her mouth…
“meri unglee chaat ke dikhao mummy ..dekhe to…tum kitna accha chatte ho..papa ne kuch sikhaya ke nahin…”
“hat ja kutte….kuch to sharam kar…mummy bhee bolta hai…aur jabardaste bhee kar raha hai…mujhe jane do..please seema enhen samjhao na..” preety a slightly softer way this time… seema pretended not to listen as she actively watched guys getting more fun out of scared mommy..
“chat Sali kutiya…” sanju roared… and he forcefully inserted his large finger in mom’s mouth…
mom had no option but to suck on his finger…she watched as he finger fucked her mouth…rotating his finger in her mouth…touching and stroking her wet tongue…after a while he took his finger out and licked his wet finger loudly…
“aha yaar…yeh mummy to finger kitna accha chatte hai…jara tu bhee try kar….”
“finger kya try karna dost…apnee jheeb mummy ke moon mein dal ke dekh leta hoon na..”
yeh kehke rajiv ne mummy ko peeche ke aur dhakela aur apne garam honth mummy ke kapte hue thartharete hue hothon pe rakh diye,..
Mummy had no option but to comply…a tear formed on corner of her eye rajiv penetrated her mouth…luscious lovely lips with his tongue….his oral flavor and saliva mixing with preety’s saliva as he pushed her back and came over her to finish his deep oral fucking…
As rajiv finished…quickly sanju took his turn to kiss mommy deeply and then started to bit on soft large red lips of mother .. mother cried softly as he savagely kissed and bit her lips…a blood drop formed on corner on preety’s lip ..writhing in pain she tried to push sanju back as he was savagely feasting on komal soft lips of mother…
This furieted both of them…”dhaakka deti hai kutiya…rand Sali kameeni…haramzadi…” rajiv slapped mom hard…on one cheek and as she recovered…on another cheek…this continued for 2-3 minutes…till preety had quite a number of open palm slaps on both cheeks and her cheeks begin to turn pink…
“bas mujhe maaf kar do…mat maro…please…daya karo….main tumhare maa ke umar kee hooon…mujhe jane do..” preety pleaded as they slapped her on both the cheeks till she started to cry loudly and bitterly.. tears begin to flow on her cheeks…
They looked at seema to get further instructions as to what to do next…both guys were quite flushed and hot from this initial game….a lovely mature sexy body was next to them and they can do whatever they want to do to her…including pain and humiliation…their favorite sex weapon..
Seema indicated the nighty of mom from her eye movement.. guys got the signal…time to get serious…
sanju ne aage bad ke mummy ke bal haath mein pakad liye aur do-theen jor jor se jhatke diye…preety dard se behaal ho gayee…”AAAH…AAHAAA…chod do mujhe…meere baal mat kheencho….seeema….mujhe jane do….AAHH”
Mummy ke lambe sunder baal aaj uske liye dard sa sabab ban rahe the…she was being given cruel painful jerks by the guys who were holding her long pretty mane in their hand…and this was just a initial trailer…guys were getting hot by getting a chance to punish this mature mommy and they will put up a great show for seema’s revenge on her mom…
Seema was getting impatient…she whispered to rajiv…”arrey stupid kutiya ko jaldi se nangi karo…nahin to thodi der mein koi aa jayega es ki cheek-pukaar sunke..”
“theek hai seema…abhe karte hain..” said rajiv..
Mommy was in a white see through nighty…it barely could hold her boobs and was very generous in giving hints about her figure and curves..
Rajiv ne aage bad ke nighty ka strap mommy ke shoulder se khiskana start kiya….preety mummy quickly realized the game…she started retorting….
“nahin nahin haramzade….mujhe nangi mat kar…mera pati aur beta aa jayega to teri jaan le lega…apne mummy kee umar kee aurat ke kapde utarta hai kutte…”
None actually was giving a ear to her cries and beggings…rajiv ne mummy ka shoulder strap sarka liya aur mast mature nange mumme khul kar bahar aa gaye..preety ke mumme latak kar bahar gir gaye…bade bade mumme aur bade bade nipple saaf dikh rahe the…mumme pe bra ka nishan bhee tha….eaisa lag raha tha maans ke do bade gole latak rahe hoon…mumme bahut tight nahin the….kyoki mummy ke umar bhee to bahut ho gayee thee…
Preety sharam se lal ho gayee….usne apne dheele dhale mumme apne haath mein chupa liye…aur jalde se pet ke bal let gaye….abhe bhee uske mumme side se dikh rahe the…preety kee nighty uskee peeth tak aa gayee the..
ladko ko jor se hasee aa gayee…nangi preety apne mumme chupa rahee thee…lekin uskee mast komal badee gand nighty se saaf dikh rahee thee…preety ke mast mast gand dekh ke sanju ne haath aage badaya aur uskee gand pe haath rakh diya…preety ko jaise bijali ka jhatka laga ho..woh hil gayee jab usne mahsoos kiya ke ek jawan haath uske almost nangi ass ko masal raha hai…sanju ne apne haath se mommy ki gaand ko pehle dheere dheere sehlaya…sanju ke mun se karahen nikalne lagee..”yaar mummy kee gand kitnee komal komal hai…aha maja aa gaya..kyon mummy tumahari yeh mast gand kaha chupa ke rakhe the ab tak…aaahh..Sali mast mummy…wah…ooohh…kitni komal fleshy gand hai…..Sali randi…man karta hai jor jor se kutte kee tarah dabaoon, masaloon, apna nanga lund es kutiya kee gand se jor jor se ragadoon…aah mast mummy…maja aa raha hai…ohh…essss..”
“nahin sanju beta…meri gand ko haath mat lagao…please ..aaahh….aise mat dabao..dekho yeh acche baat nahin hai…aaahaaaaa…aise jor jor se haath se mat masalo…aaaaah….eeesss…..meri gand ko aise to koi nahin dabata hai…mat karo…main tumhare pair padtee hoon… sanjuuu… aahhhh … .seema beti ese mana karo…offohhhhoo…meri ad-nangi gand ko mat ragado…chod do please betaaaa..apne maa jaise umar kee aurat kee ijjat se mat khelo…” preety kept on moaning.
Seema saw all this drama…she suspected that mom is started liking the caress on her ass…she didn’t wanted mom to enjoy even a bit…seema called rajiv in a corner…and said…”yaar.. es kutiya mom ka rape karna hai…eske gand ko itna smack karo…itna spank karo…ki kutiya char din tak baith bhee na paye…haramzadi..maja le rahee hai..”
“theek hai seema…ab dekho maja…” rajiv licked his lips and moved towards preety….
“hat yaar…main bhee to dekhoon…es kutiya kee gand kitnee komal hai…” he said to sanju who was enjoying the soft flesh of mom’s ass..
“haan aaja yaar…khoob maja kar..le apna haath laga ke dekh…kitne chikne mom hai Sali…aaah ..mast kutti” sanju exclaimed
as soon as rajiv took the position of sanju…he raised his hand and room was filled with shriek of mom as his hand landed brutally on her semi-naked ass…partly covered by torn nighty…she couldn’t digest the sudden pain spank by rajiv caused to her ass…
“maar dala…aaaaaahhhhhh….meri jaan le loge kya…..bachao…mujhe yeh dono kutte mar hee dalenge…aaaaahhh…” preety exclaimed with pain and humiliation with tears in her eyes…
Seema smiled as she saw rajiv’s spank treatment started to her mom…
Rajiv preety kee nangi tangon ko khol ke unke beech mein baith gaya…aur baree baree se preety ke mast najuk gand ko peetne laga…beech beech mein who jee bhar ke galiyan aur gandi batein bolta ja raha tha…”Sali kutiya rand…yeh le..aur le..teri aaj who halat karoonga ke jindagi bhar yaad karegi…yeh le…jor se le…”..
Room mein seema kee mom ke cheek-pukar goonj rahee thee kyoki rajiv uski gand ko jor jor se peet jo raha tha…usne kabhe kisee mast ad-nangi aurat ke choudi komal najuk gand ko itna nahin peeta tha…isliye who mast pagal ho gaya tha aur mauke ka bharpoor faida utha raha tha….pagal kutte kee tarah mummy ke gand ko jor jor se mar raha tha…apne kathor hathoon se preety ke gand ka keema bana diya…uskee gand ab dard se lal ho gayee thee…har chot pe who cheek uththee thee…uskee komal gand pe rajiv ke ungliyon ke nishan ban gaye the…aur dard se karah rahee thee….rajiv ka gussa ab jake thoda shant hua….usne apna muh preety ke gand ke pas le jakar do-theen chumme liye aur mom ke pyaree lal gand ko chatne laga….” Wah mommy maja aa gaya…kitna jee bhar ke spank kiya…mast ho gaya main to…thanks yaar mommy… ummaah…puch..” Doo dost mil ker Preety ki gand chatny lagy ab mom ko bhi maza aa raha tha
“oh please aur mat marna tum jo kaho gey mein karungi” Seema ney rajiv ko ahista se kaha key wo ab jaldi se preety ko chod len keyon ki koi bhi aa sakta hi.
rajiv ney preety ki nighty ko bilkul utar deya aur sanjiv ney usy sedha keya dono ney ek ek boob apney munha mein leya aur sath hi apney kapdy utarny lagy. Dono uskey dono tarf let gaye un key lun ek dam akdey huye they un key lund preety key thighs se ragdey ja rahy they,
preety wesy to kuch nahi bol rahi thi per do do mardon key bich mein nangi let ker unse apney doodh cuswana aur un key hathon aur lundon ko apney thigs per ragdy jana us ka pehla experience tha aur wo esy enjoy bhi ker rahi thi. Wo bhi any upper heran thi key etni humiliation key bad bhi wo enjoy kesy ker rahi hi. per do ladkon se chudwana usy acha lag raha tha.
Dono ney us ke legs ho aney hatho se khola aur us ke choot per hath pherny lagy.
Preety ab apney upper control nahi rakh pai jesy hi un dono key lund us key hatho se takraye us ne unhey paker leya.
Ab ehy hilao bhi rajiv ey kaha. Jesy hi us ney hilana shuru keya ho heran rah gaye key en jawan ladkon key lund ketny bady heen. Jab dono doston ka man us key boobs chusney chatny aur bite kerny se bher gaya to dono uthy aur sanjiv apny lund ko us key munh key pas leja ker kaha ab esy chuso aur rajiv us ki choot chatny laga. Preety bhi sanjiv ka lund chatney lagi. Kuch deba dono ney apni jgha ek dusry key sath badal li.
Seema ye nazara dekh ker garm ho gaye thi wo kapdon key upper se apny boobs rager rahi thi aur choot bhi.
Ab sanjiv let gaya aur preety ko kaha key tum mere lund per beth jaoo wo us key lund key upper aa ker beth gaye aur us ka lund paker ker apni choot mein dal leya rajiv ne vasline le aur preety ki gand per laga di aur apna lund us ki gand mein ghusany laga.
“ooooohhhhhh yr kaya ker rahy ho mujhy mmar dalo gey kaya oooooooohhhhhhh mmmmmaaaa”
pretty ko bahut dard hua per wo kahan sunsy wala tha dono hi usy codny lagy zor zor se ek gand mein aur ek coot mein preety to jesy janat mein pahunch gaye thi. Kuch der bad dono ney apni apni jagha badal li. Preety kitni baar ghadi usy khud pata nahi chal raha tha. Pehly rajiv jhara aur bad mein sanjiv us ki gand aur choot mein dono ney apna maal bhar deay.
Dono ne jaldi se kapdy pehny aur chaly gaye. Preety nedhal hue bister per padi thi jab seema baher jany lagi to us ney kaha “agli baar kab bula rahi ho dono ko mujhey maza chakhney ke leye?” seema muskuraty huye room se baher chale gaye. Use pata tha key us ki mam ab usy kabhi let any ke leye tang nahi kary gi bal ki un dono key na any ke leye hi tang kary gi.

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