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Maa ki kahani beta ki jubani
02-15-2011, 04:18 PM
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Maa ki kahani beta ki jubani
His mother name is kavita and she is now almost 45 or more but she is very slim and fair in color,her figure is 36 30 32 as he told me…she regular wear saree, non other dress then this….offcourse nighty in night….actually his father is a taxie driver in kolkata, and he is being deid in a accident almost 15 year ago when my friend was almost 7 years old…after his father death they are having little bit a financialproblem for 4 year after that as her mother said she got a job as a tellecaller in a private firm, and after they were living happly…but the day was when my friend was completed his 10+2 examed succesfully passed out the exam..then his best friend and he decided that they will celebrate today his best friend belong from a good rich family so he said he will managed all financial things…so they decide to have there party in his guest house which is little outer area from kolkata that is digha ??? Do anybody know digha its seaside area…anywayz….they went they found room is too dirty at early morning they reach there…after they cleaned all and prepare for celebrate , at that time his best friend tell to him that “”yaar is enjoyment ko aur kuch jaada intresting aur enjoyable kar diya jaye kya ???? My friend name is manoj he asked how ??? Actually while cleaning the room manoj’s friend whose name is kabir …had found a old news paper in that news paper there were some local call girl’s no were..then kabir said to manoj “” dekh hum abhi bhi virgin hai aur isse acha mauka nahi milega hamere pass…aur hamare parents bhi jante hai ki hum apne hi ghar mein hai….to kyu na call girl bulayi jaye…”” Manoj scared he yaar …kisiko pata chal gaya to bahut problem ho jayegi..please….kabir has dare he said “”chod na yaar kuch nahi hoga try to kare pehle wase bhi yeh no bahut purane lagte hai….kabir dail those all number one by one from his mobile all are failed…means number are not present …..but suddenly manoj saw a number there he said “’yaar kabir yeh number bhi hai dail kar…kabir did it …and it connect in one chance …after that a aged man picked that phone as per voice…they talked about each every thing rate fixed they wanted 2 call girl each one …3000/- for both for whole night …time given 10pm….every thing set…..

They enjoyed at the after noon with beer and enjoy the evening …after that they are set for the time its almost 10 pm..kabir was egarly waiting ..for them…in the balcony suddenly he saw a taxie in coming to there campus …he called to manoj …manoj also join him..two sexy ladies come out from there taxie…huh !!!! One thing i forget to tell u friends that kabir has never being to manoj’s house nor he have meet wit his mother..
Back to story again…………… when they saw them both are dressed…one wit a jeans and tshirt and other in a long skirt and blouse…so kabir said to manoj ’”” yaar main to jeans wali ko karunga…manoj was really very scared he said nothing he only nod his head okey !!!! And jumped into his room manoj said to kabir that ’” yaar tere saath karunga mujhe saram ayegi …tu ek kaam kar tu dushre room leke chale jaa aur ek ko mere room mein bhej de….mein light band karke waite karta hoon…..kabir said….darpok kahin ka …and smile and when out the room….2 laidies came up they are looking gorgeous…sexy with there body and outfit….as per choice …kabir said that i will go wit jeans wali…and said to other that my friend is waiting in this room so go wit him…to other lady…….

As per kabir words that other lady went to that room.,..its was dark room when she enter manoj said…””Mein yaha hoon app yaha ajao…then that lady said “”andere mein hi karoge kya……manoj said yes…..lady agree started to open manoj clothes actually he is short only so open his short he is naked right now and start playing wit his big 7 inch cock then start sucking it….after that manoj feel uneasy wit out light so he think to put on the lights the laidies she has already remove her blouse she is bra only and long skirt…after that manoj put on the light and when he turn back he was !!!!Shoocked !!!!…he felt down from sky….the lady who suck his cock she none other then his mother kavita is in front of him standing in bra….when her saw his son she also shocked too….also started crying…..manoj went near and said to her please dont cry so loudly kabir can able to hear u please…..manoj “””maa tumne yeh sab …kya hai yeh maa ??? He is uttering wit his own voice….manoj is shocked but on other side he is amazed too seeing his mother dress..he is confuse he have never seen in this dress….manoj asked her mom that app yeh sab kab se kar rahi hai…aur mujhe aaj tak nahi pata chale ??? Yeh apne kaise kapre pehne hai…his mom means scared but she started telling all abt …”””Main yeh bahut salo se karti hoon…aur yeh sara kaam mein sirf raat mein hi karti thi…mein har roz tere doodh mein neend ki goli dalti thi ..taki tu subha tak soye rahe….aur mein raat ko jati thi ..aur subha subha tere jagne se pehle wapas aa jati thi…bas aise hi chalta gaya mein is business mein buri taraha phass chuki hai abb kahi jaa bhi nahi sakti….then manoj said..”’Maa ab ghar chalo…kavita says..nahi beta…main abhi ghar nahi jaa payungi mujhe kaam khatam karke phir mere boss se milke ghar jana hai paise de kar….uff maa…ab main kya karu agar kabir ko pata chal gaya to …………..????

Kavita…..beta sunn tu jo karne ke liye mujhe bulaya hai woh tu karle..???

Manoj …shouted..maa yeh tum kya keh rahi hai ???

Kavita ……….hai beta…………tu abhi mere beta nahi tu mera customer hai….

Manoj………nahi mujhe nahi karna hai…but suddenly manoj faces turn towards her mom boobs who are capture in a small cup pinkies bra….some part of boobs are through outside..means her boobs so big that they are not capture in a small size of bra…

Kavita…kya hua beta…meri chuchiya achi nahi lagi tuujhe…dekh beta jo ho gaya so ho gaya..ab tu apna party kyu kharab kar raha hai…..

Manoj….aisi baat nahi hai..per ek sart per mein karunga…main condom use nahi karunga …

Kavita ….hmmmmmmm thik hai jaisi marji agar tu apna maa ko phir se maa ba na na chahta hai to thik hai…………

Manoj …nahi aisi baat nahi hai….. & he started touching her boobs ………………….

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