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My Sister Anushka and her Wide Ass


Indian Sex Stories

07-31-2012, 07:37 PM
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My Sister Anushka and her Wide Ass
Hi..every one …this is a fantasy story about my sister…imagined with some incidents are true and some imagined…to tell about my sister..she is the cutest girl I have ever seen…she is now 25 years old ..and I am 21…I would call her akka..she will say sollu da chellam.. at first I never saw my sister with a wrong intention..but it all happened when I was 19 years and she 23 ….on the way to our cousin marriage …I was reading a tamil magazine..actually I was ogling at simran belly….as she was sitting near me in the car..she caught me seeing it for long time..what are u doin rahul she asked….nothing akka I said and I closed the book…we got down to have some snacks…my dick was erect after seeing simran….after having snacksin a small hotel i went for washing my hands…I was shocked to see a boy was ogling at my sisters exposed hips in saree…seeing me he left the place…but me and my sister were caught up in a narrow area to washbasin..she came towards me smiling…we moved sideways..but accidentally my erect dick touched my sisters ass….my god I ejaculated spontaneously…my pant became wet..when I enetered the car I saw my mom was sittingnear my sister anushka..i fought with my mom that only I will sit with akka..all were sueprised because usually we always used to fight….mom was actually happy give away the place….after a while I could feel the silky saree and her thigh on my side of the thigh..this made my dick to be erect once again.. I suddenly could feel different aroma coming from my sister which I have never felt in the past…but also I was feeling guilty why suddenly I am seeing akka in a sexual way..but I cant be helped..she I arousing me badly that too touch of her ass with my dick…
Enough of introduction…. to describe about my sister..she is tall probably 6feet…infact taller than me .. L….her best assets are wide and fleshy hips ..and a wide ass…she looks the best in her sarees…I did not want to take more advantage so soon..but I was drawing pleasure from her silky thighs throughout our journey..she was not aware of it…

We reached tambaram where the marriage is about to mom wanted some items to be bought...but me as i was so seduced by my sisters beauty was following her and watch her ass swaying..i dint even talk to my childhood friend my cousin..i simply followed and was waiting for a chance to see her fleshy hips…you wont believe that my cock was erect the whole day..but it was about to be spoiled by moms work..she called me to buy those things…but I refused…then thought of a plan..i said I will go only if akka will come with me…mom said ok…but my akka refused at first.then talking with our cousin ganesh suddenly she said ok ma I will also go with rahul….my lusty devil started to work…we decided to go by bus…bus was a pretty crowded bus..we got in…while we got in I saw a middle aged man touching her shoulders with his hands…my sister was wearing a green coloured saree….i was standing behind my sister and my cousin was standing beside her….i was afraid to touch her..this was an unusual feeling ….but I was shocked to notice that my sister was enjoying my cousins touch on her hips..this aroused me a lot…my dick became erect..i planted my dick right on her buttocks and started rubbing her ass…she was helpless as I was doing this in public..she tried moving a little front but that space was not enough for her….suddenly her pallu got off from normal position and I was able to see her fleshy hips from a behind position..this made me to rub her ass more fiercely…she turned back whispered rahul what are u doing???..i replied what ,am doin what I want to ..u continue ur enjoyment with ur boyfriend…she could not reply back,probably she was shocked that I found out her affair….man I was continuing my rubbing that I cummed so my sister is really every boys fantasy….she said stop rahul u made wet..i replied sorry akka u have a great body and that too with ur cute face….evry man will want to fuck u..i myself was

While returning home I messaged her so that only she knows..i texted her that I want you have sex with me akka….she replied this is not good,I will say to mom …I replied if you complain I will rape you or will take pictures of u and ganesh being intimate..she replied lets see what you can do….on reaching home she returned dressed in abright red saree…I was sitting on sofa..she sat infront of me and bent down a little…man she was showing her cleavage to me….i was aroused…I got up and sat near her…she asked now what….i replied nothing akka…she bent down a little more showing more cleavage and said I know wht are you looking at…do u wanna touch my navel because ganesh used to say that I have one of the best navels…saying she suddenly moved her saree away bent to my side a little…man those folds in her hips was the best any lady would have!!!! I pinched her hips folds….come on feel my navel…sayin this she herself took my hands and kept on her was soft,wet,cool and a feeling which has no words to say…my dick stood lke a pillar under my trousers….

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07-31-2012, 07:38 PM
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RE: My Sister Anushka and her Wide Ass
I said akka iwanna kiis ur belly..she said why not..saying this she took me to a separate room where there would be no disturbance...i thought she make herself nude..but i asked why are u doin this akka...she replied when ur sick touched my ass on that day i was aroused but had no intention like this but when u started icould not resist.....ok akka now remove ur saree saying this i smiled at her..but she said what?no..just lick my navel or belly thats what i can do now...i cant refuse this offer ..if i then i would not even get that cute plumb belly....i said thats fine..she locked the door and stood infront oof me..said kneel down da thambi...i knelt down and tried open my dick but she said no no dont do that then u will be tended to fuck me...i was angry at her but controlled..i asked what else should i do..she smiled and moved her saree away from her belly...i caught hold of her hips and started kissing navel..i put my tongue out and started licking the the smell of her belly made my cock bigger...

I hold her hips tightly and licked her hips i could taste the salty sweat of her hips...actually i started tasting those sweat more than kissing her....the taste of sweat made me hornier and dickk became larger.. i could not resist the throbbing pain of cock undr my tight i let the pants go loose..i was in sister said hey de loosu i dont wanna see you nude...i stopped licking her belly and said looking at her eyes but i want to see nude akka...she said ha..thats not going to happen...then i looked at her navel and smiled ....i hold her ass cheeks tightly and brought her her near my salivating mouth and started to lick her navel again ahich was already wet...meanwhile i was also pressing her ass those ass bums are sos oft as a pillow....i willingly let out my cockout of my trousers ..and was matrubating simultaneously licking her belly navel...but she didnot notice...then i turned her back and started licking her back spine...then i lowered her petticoat a bit down..while doing so i could feel her ass crack....i stopped licking and started pressing her bums....i pressed both from below and above and also from side ways...i inserted my hands in to her ass cheeks with petticoat..i was not able to undress her /..she did not allow me..after all she is my sister....but she asked rahul what are you doing..come lick my navell...but i was keep on pressing her ass..she turned saying thats enough and put her saree over her body..but she was shocked to see me nude with my cock out...she said as if she was amazed and said my god what a gorgeous cock and she caught it in her hand and pressed it firm and hard that almost i felt very paniful..i said please give me a blowjob or atleast a way she shouted and she left the room...but i was admiring at her ass swaying...i was tired mouth was paining licking her belly..but i thought man am so lucky to lick such a plum ,fleshy belly..which is so soft,clean with no spots and that navel which has a wonderful have those wondrful hips folds and lick between those hip folds..i said to myself lucky inspite of heer being my sister..and ya i almost forgot that she held my penis in her hnad...i started mastrubating thinking of her soft ass that i pressed with my hands..i cummed with in two minutes ..i shot a whole lot of amount on to her bed...

Next day morning was the sister was in a dress that made me think that she was a bride..she was gorgeous my instincts for my sister grew pretty sexually..i smiled at her..she winked at me...and then she lowered her saree ..nothing was visible but she wanted to me think about her navel..aroused me and my dick stood up....i just followed her throughout the marriage function..she was standing at a corner talking to my friends in a pretty crowded area . i stood behind her and was watching her wonderful pear shaped crowd became denser i moved closer and pressed her ass with my dick..i was throbbing her ass badly that i would cum there itself..but i controlled there and went away..i dint see her after that function...after returning home i saw her talking to my aunt leaning on table ..i saw her from behind what a ass,structure and for the first time i could see her breasts poking out of her saree..i was aroused again...i gave a missed call to my sister..she turned and looked for me..i gave her signal to come the same room....i was waiting for her behind the soonas she enterd iclosed the door..before she could turn i hold her breasts from behind and kissed her on her back..but she started screaming.. i let her go..she asked are you out of your your sister...i asked so what we did enjoy last day..yea it was not a sex intercourse is it?she replied...i begged her..but she moved away from me and said you can again lick mybelly or even press my bums...i replied you even hold my dick yesterday..she replied no chance my brother..saying this she took off her pallu..but i didnot want to miss this belly atleast ,so i repeated the same way...after sometime i let her go..she said thank you my brother..i asked do you really enjoy this akka.. she replied ya my boy,i am going to tell you a secret,i attain maximum pleasure,i even cum..i was surpreised at this fetishism of my sister..but my desire was not fulfilled ,that is to have this akka for one night stand,will it happen.....

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07-31-2012, 07:40 PM
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RE: My Sister Anushka and her Wide Ass
After marriage night,we all became ready to home..all were waiting for me outside house,i was late..when i came out.i was searching for my sister so that i can sit near her in the car...but i was sad to look her as she was wearing a was a pretty tight churidar..that i can even see her bodylining ,her thigh and ass were perfectly shaped...but i know i cant touch her belly..her skin will be soft...i will badly miss my grandma was also coming with there will be no place in fate had to sit near my grandma,ofcourse sister was sitting near me..but i cant do anything infront of grandma..and there comes my dads old friend,he also came with us in same i planned..before i could open my mouth,my sister closed my mouth and said i will sit on rahuls lap...oh my god!!it was me one who planned sit on her lap but she planned to sit on my lap...she got up from her seat and was about to sit on my dick stood up..i wore loose trousers...when she sat on my lap..i moaned asked what was that?when i was about to reply sister replied its nothing god those soft ass sitting on my dick.. i could feeel her soft fleshy thighs with my hands..she didnot refuse....i couldnt control ,and startd to move to and fro with my god sister didnt say word to complain..i hope she too was enjoying my rock hard tool on her soft body specificaaly ass...

She too started rotating her bottom..she literally grinding my cock...i caught her hip with my hands and lifted her..and with one hand i let out my was pretty dark and all were sleeping except our driver..then i widened her legs with my hands...sister asked ennada panra?..i said wait and then allowed to sit...when she sat,she immediately stood and saw what was inside and sat that she could catch my dick between her thighs and moved up and down slowly..i was in pain but sweet god,my sister was giving me thighjob..what a soft plum thighs....but i preferd her mouth to be between my dick..i asked her can she my boy,..this itself too much..saying this she almost jumped on me god,i was in pain but i couldnt express it..while doing so..she looked down and moved her hand down..i was wondering what was she goin to do..she moved my foreskin and made that wet with her salivas....this reduced my pain..she was doing as if she has done this technique..where did u get that idea i asked..she said i used to see porn movies u used to store in ur laptop...oh god,this made me more hornier..i said, if u can ..can u come and see those movies with me..she replied why not..saying this she moved more faster...i wanted to press her boobs but my grandma was near..what will happen if she sees i resisted...with in fifty minutes i cummed....
Next day morning we reached home...but i was restless.. i want sex fom my i went directly to her room with in one hour of arrival....she was in a jean shorts and sleeveless tshirt in whicjh i could see her cleavage..this is one she usually wears but evil is working only now...when she saw me she smiled at me..i closed the door..she was arranging her things without looking at me she said come on rahul not now...

But she pushed me away..plz akka only one rahul this is ridiculous..u r my brother u tried to have intercourse..i am a fool i allowed u to do these things, come oon rahul grow up..she was furous about this so i left the place...but i went straight to bathroom and mastrubated thinking of her ass and my penis entering her vagina...i made the whole wall wet...after that i went to hall to see my sister talking to my neighbour friend....i dint notice what they were talking instead i watched and lusted her in that orange coloured saree..just now i completed my mastrubation but still my dick grew up..oh god...when i neared them suddenly he touched my sisters shoulders nd said come on lets sit..i jealosed on him..he looked at me and said hi ut i dint reply and went straight to my room..after five minutes when i returned they both were sitting in same sofa..he was sitting to her left very close and they were having a look at some photo album..i was more jealous when i went more near they were having contact with their shouldrs..she did not even dare to notice me..this irritated me...i went and sat near her on opposite side and gave gracing touch to her arms..her arms are very soft and chilling dick started throbbing..and when i looked at album i was able to see her cleavage thru her saree which was transparent and was shocked to see the neibour seeing my sistrs cleavage..hey man u r looking at me sisters cleavage..i almost went to beat him but she stopped me and asked him to leave...whats ur problem she asked...i really badly need to fuk u..she said thats not going to happen..and went inside and came back witha broomstick and bent down to sweep the floor..

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07-31-2012, 07:41 PM
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RE: My Sister Anushka and her Wide Ass
[Image: Love-Kiichadi-Movie-Stills-7.jpg]

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07-31-2012, 07:42 PM
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RE: My Sister Anushka and her Wide Ass
When she bend down to sweep the floor her pallu fell down but she dint care to adjust it...i immediately took off my dick and started mastrubated ..then i moved closer where she was sweeping and mastrubated seeing her cleavge ....i didnt speak a word instead stood there and stroked my penis....she looked up and looking at me stroking she said rahul u r always horny...i replied thats becuse of u akka...
oh come on..sayng this she went and closed the one was in my and dad went out...she still hasnt put pallu up..i remained in same place shagging looking at her belly...she came and stood infront of me...and lookd at my dick keeping her hands on her hips...plz help me akka i said.....u r so helpless she said and lowered her saree exposing her lower belly..then she called me near..and she kneelde fuck my navel....i said come on y alwyas navell..only ur enjoying..she said this time ur going to fuck it with ur dick and she second i rushed to her and put my dick in her she has deep navel dick head went deep inside..although i cant i push my full length ..i was in heaven touching her navel with my dick.....i held her neck and started kissing her lips...she didnot oppose and co operated with me

Then i put my tongue inside her mouth but she refused kiss any more...i dint ask anything nor did she say anything..we were both enjoying the navel and dick job...then i placed a kiss on her neck ..she moaned!!!..this was first time i heard her i kissed more on her neck..infact allround her neck..she closed her eyes and opened her mouth and gave a sigh moaning....then i started licking her neck with my tongue and i smelled her sweat spots on her neck which was sallty in taste...i slowly moved down licking her neck,chest by the time i came to her cleavage..she pulled me from her chest and continued enjoying my cock in navel..i said u never allow me to enjoy akka..very bad..she controlled her moning and asked what are you doing now.... i dinot reply anything instead scolded her in my mind and fucked her navel...i was holding her hips tightly which was soft as cotton on ur hands...i was holding the hip and slowly thrusted her navel in to my dick.. we continued this for half hour with some kiss here and there... sudenly we heard calling bell...our parent came back .. she sdjusted her saree and opened the door...i ran to my room to mastrubate..i came back two minutes after parent were sitting on the sofa looking tired....akka was standing behind them...but she stood witha purpose to tease me..she moved her navel saree and showed her navel and gave a look too teasing.. i will upload a pic hows she gave that i was wondering that even after fucking that navel for 45 minutes still that navel makes my dick to stand up..really she has a big super godly navel..even god cant resist it... add to that her look....she asked by her lip reading " nan unaku venuma....enna podunuma..appo iniku pathu maniku en room ku vaa... "{do you want me?come to my room at 10 tonite.. "i cant believe her say that..but i spent the whole day and evening thinking about what was going to come....

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07-31-2012, 07:43 PM
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RE: My Sister Anushka and her Wide Ass
Watch ticked ten.. and i was so punctual that i was exaxtly at that time....i went to her room..she said rahul u r always so punctual and she continued speaking to someone on phone..this irritated me.. i acted as if i was going out of the room..suddenly she called me"rahul where are u going ??"saying this she put down her pallu...saree... i locked the door..she said"come do your work".. i planned to myself its going to be more than that navel... she stood up from her bed and bend to one god those hip lesh was bending according to her wish....i pinched her hip folds..she said "slowly rahul"..i asked who is on the phone..cant u stop that now.."..she said rahul mind ur own business pointing to her belly...usually she wears her saree below her navel but today its above i with my hands as if i was lowering her saree reached for her vagina but before i could reach it she gave a slap on my hand and smiled ..i sghed and started sucking her navel...she was still talking on phonne...i went behind her and held her ass cheeks in my hand and groped it gently and then i took out my dick and pushed it against her ass but still she was continued her gossip on phone...then she signalled me to come front i came with my dick in my hands..she took away my hand and tocuhed it first and then pushed me on bed and started giving hard dtrokes on dick..i was not aware at first what was going on...then i realised my god she is giving me handjob...i meanwhile was grasping her hip and ass alternatively with my hans..her ass felt more soft with her handjob and her hip skin was so chill..and ya her attitude like talking on phone while doing this foreplay made more horny...

Suddenly she stopped her handjob...and moved away from me and contiued her talk on phone ...i remained there on the bed with my erect dick waiting for her to return back... some five minutes she later she came back still talking on phone ..she treated me as if i was some kind of dog ...she kept her les on her bed and lifted her those legs were like banana really my sister sema was fair and glowing..those legs...immediately i started licking her legs with my tongue...while i was licking her legs i was pressing her soft buttocks which felt silky with her cotton chiffon sarees...then she removed her entire saree pallu and cut the phone gave me a teasing look..dont you feel ashame doing this to your sister..i looked above and said no,if anyone would have this gorgeous sister no will miss the chance...and i went up caught her hips and started kissing around her navel....she laughed and said "ha,you naughty brother...continue ur fanttasy.."she gently went through my hair as if she was playing with a dog.. i was eating her navel as if a puppy is playing with its bal..i said meanwhile thanks for handjob..she said nothing but smiled...then she laid down on her bed but i went with her while hte procees of lying down i was continuing licking her belly...then i kept my legs both side of her body and moved down and placed a kiss...she opened her mouth inviting my tongue..oh god i gave away my tongue and she was drinking the juice out of my mouth...i pressed her boobs...and pressing and pressing ,..i could feel her erect nipple even with blouse on.....after some time she stopped kissing i went down and licked her neck ..little sweaty neck...she said i want you to mastrubate and put ur cum on my navel...i obeyed and stood away and looking at her curves and mastrubated..she ladi down ter and gave me a flying kis which made me stroke harder..then she stood up and raised her arms and bend her hips to oneside which was like a mountain or river bed with sweat flowing downhill...then she went around me and gave me a spank at my buttocks...she came infront of me and mad me kneel and pushed my face on to her belly..actually i was almost kiisng hr pubic part ..i could feel her vaginal scent..i was kissing her petticoat..i said i am almost done striking my penis harder ...she without a wor d laid down on her bed i climbed her bed..and gave my final stroke my cum gushed out and fell in the valley of my sisters was overflowing....i was tired...i fell on bed..we both laughed at each other...i asked her when we are going to have sex...she replied come on rahul am going to be married to other man ..and so you just cant penetrate me...and smiled at me..she said understand the situation da chellem....

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07-31-2012, 07:44 PM
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RE: My Sister Anushka and her Wide Ass
I was not at all satisfied with this.. i was desperate to fuck day my parent said that they would be home at late when i reached home from college i went directly to her room removing my shirt ...she was dressing up herself in saree...i moved quickly and hugged from behind...she wasnt surpreised instead she swayed her ass over my was already hard...her soft ass rubbing me dick made it more harder....she turned over and took my hands and kept over her hips..i tighened my drip..she gave a sexy expression which made me horny..i couldnot control...i tore awya her she had really cute boobs..her boobs with wide ass and hips made her a perfect indian maal....but the matter was she shocked at me doing this..she immediately ran for cover...but i ran towards her pushed on to her bed and climbed over her..she screamd rahul dont do this...i said dont shout ,no one will come for help....u bitch today i will fuck you.. i tied her arms legs with some clothes and with my shoe lace..she was struggling in my bed...without her knowledge i kept a mobile camera on to record her nude....then i climbed over be continued..sorr y had work to do

she begged me not to do this ..she said rahul please am your sister,dont do this....i said hen why did u allow me to those foreplay with your navel..... you even gave me a handjob,why...this is not fair teasing me and letting me do nothing....she replied no one will know about that....but this if you penetrate my husband will find it later after marriage..please dont spoil my life...i was disturbed thinking about my sisters life...i almost cried and said i cant control myself..ok iam going to let you go..saying this i moved forward but accidently i touched her boobs ..i got aroused once again..i said soory akka no more talkingi cant control and started sucking her boobs like a puppy sucking her mother tits...i got one tit in my hand and looked at her nipple and areola...brown in colour with her skin colour around it made it more delicious..i sucked her nipple alone like a straw...she was weeping...i went up and kissed her.. first she allowed my tongue..then suddenly she bit my lips..this made me furious..i gave her a slap...she begged that atleast make me unconcious so that i wnt see my brother doing this..i said no bitch you have to see me fucking me....saying this i lifted her saree up to her knee...she criesd mom come fast...i have done a great mistake..but i did not care to listen to what a leg she was smooth and soft....i began licking her legs ...

I licked her creamy ,shiny legs and went downwards sensually sucked her her toes were really well taken care of ....then i moved inside her petticoat without removing it..and aroma of her thighs and pubic were too much arousing....i started licking and sucking her thigh...the taste was really was tasty,salty and my heart was pumping faster..she was still crying....i came out of the petticoat and went up and placed a soft kiss..i said to her i love u akka..but my age is doing these..sorry i have to fuck you tonite...then i opened her mouth and put my tongue and licked her mouth inside fully...she was almost choked..then i stood up and held my dick in my hand..she realised what i was about to do..she begged please rahul dont do this...her begging made me horny and moody...i shagged at her looking nude and bent down i put the dick inside her mouth...she did not coperate..but i forcefully thrusted her mouth ...she felt pain...she relaxed after sometime...then i smoothly moved in and out of her mouth...i was pressing her boobs also from behind...then i took the dick out of my mouth..she was full of tears...her crying made me do more...then she said plz rahul stop with this....i said i ahvent come to the best part ...the ass....she said no i cant take it..i said shut up you bitch...i untied her and pronated her...she was tired that there was no need to tie her...her bums were delicous..i pressed it like a balloon with her dress on...then i pressed my dick and started rubbing her ass..she was screaming for help please someone help me..but i was continuing with my work....then i removed her petticoat and widened her leg to see the what a view .godly view..her pussy was shaven and it was pink in clour...i made her to stand ...she could hardly i made her lean over the bed...then i took mybelt and gave her a spank on her ass cheeks..she cried in pain.....i was shagging simultaneously....once again i gave her a spank ...ass was vibrating......i threw awya the belt...went near her and sroked my penis on her ass...oh that ass soft ass on my hardon....I GENTLY MASSAGED HER BUTTOCKS.....then i widened her ass crack and strted kissing nd licking those heaven.....i was ready to prepare her for my fuck.. i made her face bitch you are going lose your virginity...she moved away her face..she did not want look me...then i made her ass face me....then i spit some saliva on her vagina and some on dick...i held her hair and then inserted my dick on her she was virgin her pussy was tight and hard...ahhh that painful sweetness...those sweet pain...i thumped her with my full force to force my dick inside her vagiina...i could see my sisters expression on mirror infront of us...she couldnot bear the pain..aftrall this our first fuck....i massaged her boobs while thumping her....i noticed some strange feeling on my was her soft ass cheeks hitting my balls... really thats a great feeling to feel a soft ass on ones ball..surely you have to try to feel it...i was about to cumm.. i took out my dick and made her face me...i took my dick and cummed shot on her face..there was fluid liquid on her faede,lips and neck...then ilicked her neck genlty...she didnot react a bit...then i sucked her lip my cum,,,..i drank my own cum from her lips...for one more last time i massaged all her sey parts from her belly.ass and thighs....and put on my shirt and went off..not even caring to care of my sister in pin..and ofcourse i took the mobile camera away..

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07-31-2012, 07:46 PM
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RE: My Sister Anushka and her Wide Ass
Next day morning i saw in s=dining table she looked tired,but she did look normal as if nothing had happen... i too was thinking that it was a i took my mobile na dchecked my video..ha there i was playing with my akkas ass...she was sitting in chair..she did not want to notice me..i went near her and pinched in her hip..she shouted trahul stop that said to akka..why anu what ahppend..she said continued i saw that.. but rahul always used to play like that only no???..i at on my chair and said "ya i will continue play with her.. "..and smiled and that vicious smile..she without even looking at my face went away...i followed her to room..she was standing at balcony..i sneaked behind her and let my hand in to her saree slowly and pressed that juicy belly...she screamed awya move away..i made a big mistake by allowing you to this extent...i cried sorry akka..i told u i couldnt resist ur beauty.."rahul thats enough.."she said...PLEASE forgive me...she said get out now..i went sadly out of her mother went out evening as usual ..i went to her room again ..she did not notice me...i stood before her and removed my shirt....she said..."come on"....this is not good rahul she said..then i took my mobile and played that video...she heard the conversation we had beofre i raped her...she broke down cry please rahul dont do this to me..i said then u have to obey me ,whatever i say....or else i will leak this video to my firends and also in internet..ok rahul i will do but delete that video..i said hah how cani delete this worlds best porn movie...u have no other way but to obey me..saying this i callled ram..he is none other than neighbour who was enjoying my akka while seeing album.... she was shocked ...

Am back...she acted normal to ram.. she said hi..he replied hi are you,your bro said everything...she broje down and cried and begged touching his feet please leave me,dont do this...think of your mother and see,then you will not touch me,,,but ram remained smiling...he brought down his hand and pressed her boobs..she moved back..he replied you know what..i promised your brother my girl friends body so you would not want to make your brother miss my girlfriend and ofcourse he has that fucking come baby come...i have always watched you doing your work in rooftop..oh my god i really like your navel....i have always like to see your navel thru saress....come lets play...

He(ram) kneeled before her and hugged her back and pressed her ass like a bag ...then he moved her saree away with his nose and looked at her belly for a second or two..sighed what a heavaen ,rahul u r too lucky get this angel said ram.. i smiled at him...then he started kissing her navel...she closed her eyes and biting her if she was enjoying..i was horny...i went near her and pressed my dick against her ass,...i could feel her ass hands automatically went to her boobs...I let my hands in to her blouse and started rubbing her reasts.. i could fell her hard nipples as i rub her boobs with my hands..anushka said please wait...saying this she took her hands off from her boobs and pushed ram to the ground walked towards a wall..she spread her hands on the wall and bend a little down to show her ass to us... i ran before ram and caught her butt it is soft as ever ..ram was waiting for his chance ..but he could not wait he wnet to front and stood between her arms and surprisingly my sister was first to start the kiss...i understood today my sister anushka is going to fuck us ....the feelinng made me more horny i stood up and thrusted her ass (only anushka was dressed in saree, we both were nude)...i thrusted her ass from behing..she said de rhul methuvada ,(oh brother do it slowly)...i slowed down a bit and hold her hips and started to thrust slowly in a waving motion of my hips.. i and my sister started to breathing heavily..ram was very slow,may be it was his first time or he is shy...i lifted her saree and entered my dick in to her vagina..she gave a loud moaning...ram ripped open her blouse and started sucking her boobs...

While ram was sucking her boobs..he said you are as sexy and slutty as your mom...we both were shocked sister what do you mean..ram replied ya i liked your mother as well infact girls in your famil are all sexy and all have wide hips and plum ass...and the age of your mother makes it more kinky...i was listening to this pressing her buttocks..anushka lookd at me and said you should be ashamed rahul ..he is talking bad about your mother...ram continued rahul i would love to fuck your mother as well..please can you..i stopped touching her ram you cant ask me like this...he said please i will give my girlfriend only if i got to fuck your sister and mother..please..image of his girlfriend came across my she had great boobs ..she looked like sania mirza in structure...i said ok i will allowbut my mom will not..he said that we will plan later...but anushka moved away from us are yu guys crazy..ram said you bitch we are going to blackmail with that video only....anushka said no ,i cant continue this further...i said what can you do my dear sister,you are caught red handed..come on bend i have to continue fucking you..anushka accepting the truth she bent down and i inserted my cock in to her i was thrusting her ram started licking navel under her belly....anushka said but think rahul

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RE: My Sister Anushka and her Wide Ass
While ram was sucking her boobs..he said you are as sexy and slutty as your mom...we both were shocked sister what do you mean..ram replied ya i liked your mother as well infact girls in your famil are all sexy and all have wide hips and plum ass...and the age of your mother makes it more kinky...i was listening to this pressing her buttocks..anushka lookd at me and said you should be ashamed rahul ..he is talking bad about your mother...ram continued rahul i would love to fuck your mother as well..please can you..i stopped touching her ram you cant ask me like this...he said please i will give my girlfriend only if i got to fuck your sister and mother..please..image of his girlfriend came across my she had great boobs ..she looked like sania mirza in structure...i said ok i will allowbut my mom will not..he said that we will plan later...but anushka moved away from us are yu guys crazy..ram said you bitch we are going to blackmail with that video only....anushka said no ,i cant continue this further...i said what can you do my dear sister,you are caught red handed..come on bend i have to continue fucking you..anushka accepting the truth she bent down and i inserted my cock in to her i was thrusting her ram started licking navel under her belly....anushka said but think rahul u have accepted some stranger to have sex with your mouth.....i said its k bitch i will do anything for fucking his girlfriend ..i asked ram hey how in earth you find my mom sexy...ram exclaimed com on rahul you ought to open your eyes and have a look at your mother she looks like the simran aunty ..i said you mean the actress simran....he said ya exactly ....i was continuing thrusting her and thought of my mom closing my eyes ..yeah now i realised that my mom looks exactly simran would look god the thouyght of that gave me a bad hard on..and this reflected on my thrust i gave to my poor sister...suddenly i grew love on my mother too..i replied ram i will also join with u while u fuck my mom..ram said now u r talking my lets fuck the juice out of ur sister, sister cried oh my god i have let my family down...we enjoyed my sister for two hours..even ram penetrated her...our next paln is to seduce my simran look alike mother..

Next day my sister and mom was working in kitchen...i entered kitchen ...first gave a spank on sisters ass...she turned and gave a rude lookk..then i went to my mom and kissed on her said so sweet of you rahul and gave back me kiss..electric current went thru my body...i went and leaned on a wall and smiled at my sister..i could read from her lip saying you are such a basterd... i gave a flying kiss to her... she spitted on me... i pointed to my mom hip which was fleshy and lemon yellow in colour and gave a action that i would mastrubate thinking of her hip...she went away.. i was ogling at my moms assets...

I asked my mom "do u recieve any comments that you look like that u look alike simran actress..."she said "yes dear, i got a lot during my college did you know."i said " i felt same way after seeing you in tshirt and jeans yesterday u were wearing...she said "you naughty boy".." you are not supposed to talk like that about ur mother"she said smiling at me...i continued talking "mom i need a wife like simran..."...she paused a minute and said"u will my son,u r good looking..u will get better than simran"..i said"no,i want simran only..."she said laughing"simran already got married"..i said "atleast i have simran look alike,so no problem"..she said with a soft and feared voice"what do you mean..."..i said " i always wanted simran.,but once i found out you are the look alike of simran , i need you my mom.."she looked over her shoulder and went taking some vessels and went to dining table to arrange our breakfast"...Knowing fahter left home early,i followd my mom ad caught her hips and squuezed it...she gave a slap at me... i hugged her and kissed all over her face ..but she gave a blow to my testes .. i could not bear my pain,she ran away calling my sister. .. i acted as if i collpsed and unconciuous...she came back to ahve a look at me...and went to take water...when she was about to leave i got hold of her saree...and started undraping it...

This is the first time i am seeing my mom breasts in was delicious and well held by her tight bra and blouse ...she was wearing pink blouse...she strted advicing all about mom son incest,but i slowly moved close to her and pressed her breast...she did not care to drape her saree...she said"this breast belonged to you once,so i dont feel ashamed u touching it....but the way u were talking in kitcen made me sick.." i asked pressing her boobs.."if this boobs belongs to me, can i suck it...."she said "ofcourse u can,u r my son ur welcome to suckle it my is natural ...but reomve those dirty intentions,,,:" i removed blouse on one side and started sucking it..she sat down on floor and i laid down on her lap like a baby....i was fed like a baby......

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RE: My Sister Anushka and her Wide Ass
[Image: tarun-vimalaraman99.jpg]

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