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Indian Sex Stories

06-16-2011, 02:25 PM
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Hi friends my name is Sagar I am in 3rd year of Bsc (comp sci) good looking simple guy I am here to tell u a sex story with my class mate n Sonal. Sonal was dam hot n sexy girl I have ever met in my life she was dam hoot 32 26 36.She had a great round shape boobs aaaaaaaaaa. her round an bumpy ass to make my pee dance .I met her in 1st year of my BSC she was my class mate she was the babe of the class n we all friends use to always chat about her we use to always comment bout her ass an boobs her figure she was dam fucking hot. I decided to have a sex with her I just wanted that girl I among the boys in our class who where virgen. I use to always think about her boobs her ass her pussy ………

One day when we got our Roll no than I came to kwon that she was the last roll on an I was second last one. We generally started taking with each other than I realized that she was not good in studies an specially programming part .So I always use to help out in some queries she also use to response me good .One day my parents told me that they were going out of station for a week as am alone chilled of my parents I was alone in home. Sonal was in tension as we had of internal tests n she was like fully blank about programming she was requesting me to tech her programming this was the right time I told her to come at my home and I all teach u .I was an virgin so I always use to see lots of porn so my comyhardsk was around 90GB porn .In morning around 11 she come at my place she was looking dam hot is black sleeveless and tight jeans dam good .I was almost about to excite by looking at here. Than I invited her I we started with the programming .while opening TC she saw some porn stuff in my comp but she was pretending that she dint saw anything .than we started with studies while teaching I started touching her boobs an some other private parts .she was also enjoying it. After 1 hr I said I’ll bring something to eat as there was nothing house so I went out to bring SAMOSAS I told Sonal that I’ll be back in 20 min. but as there were no traffic I was back in 10 min Sonal was alone at home when a was back I entered in quietly as I had keys of my house with me. When I came back quietly I came in I was shocked to see that Sonal was watching the porn stuff of my comp she was so exited that she was making sound line aaaaaaaaa ssssssss assssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was squishing her boobs with one hand and the other was fingering …..she was enjoying the stuff Ian I was enjoying the scene she enjoyed it for 5 min than she off the video an than she took the book …….when I was seeing this my dick was about to tear of my underwear an come out it was that hard. I came inside an sat near her .I gave her SAMOSA and we started eating .I sad Sonal test see some move for some time till we have our SAMOSA she sad of I opened Winap(video plare) the list in the player contained porn video I played it and went inside to bring water the video was started ….when I came back it was playing when I saw this I just off it and said “sory yr galti se !!!!!!!” she said “koi baat nahi may samajh sakti hu”…than she started asking me some Q like do you have any GF I said no .I also asked her about her BF than she said yes.”Acha who is he what his name is?? ”she said that his name is Rohan quit studious guy he is always focused to his studies …than I asked her “are you a virsioun??? ” she said yes my BF is dum don’t kwon anything about sex we always had a smutch not more than that…

Than I knew that I can take her around I went near her an hug her an gave very short kiss on her lips and I said would u like to have a sex than she was forcefully she hold me tightly an started kissing me we started kissing each other …..after 5 min I slowly I removed her top and I was gone mad to see he boobs hanging in her black bra that was dam hoot seen than I unhooked her bra her big tight boobs just popped out like an popcorn than I madly started squishing them she was making sound like aaaaaaa shhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuu aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa shhhhhhhhhuuuuuu ohhh oh oh oh ….than I un boutened her jeans she was wearing pink panty ….she was in her panty in front of me half nude in front of me .oooooooooooooooooo fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!then I started playing with here boobs …I started kissing her naval she was so excited that she was gone totally mad .Than I slowly removed her panty she had go a shaved pussy it was so wet that I could see without touching it …I slowly inserted finger in it and stared doing figure fuck to her she was making sound aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh SAGAR please AAAAAAAAAA oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Saaaaaaaaaagaaaaaarrrrrrrr aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh……………

Then after 15 min my almost out of my pant…….She was shouting “SAGAR get me your dick!!!!!!!”Than I said have u ever seen a dick than she said in porn videos that’s!!!!! Now ill show you my I removed my cloths and she very happy to see in real…we both where standing necked in front of each other ….She saw the dick for the first time so she started playing with it she was playing with my balls .I said now have it in your mouth she said WHAT REALY!!!!!!!! But …… she was doing it first time so she was not confident about it whether she could do it or not so I said I’ll play the BF(porn movie) an than u emit the girl in video ……she started I was in the HEAVEN aaaaaaaaaaa that was a first time girl was sucking my dick after 3 min I released in her mouth ……she was very despo girl she drank all the juice….my dick was loose than I said u suck it can make it ready once again. She started sucking and shaking it than it was ready than I take her on my bed and started licking her cunt it was such a good one damet she had a shaved pussy I started fingering her slowly than I started to increase my speed than she was like aaaaa a a a a a a a ooohohohohohoho aaaaaaaaaaa saagaga comaon do it thts it saga common!!!!!!!Than while finger fuck she seduced for 4 times and I enjoyed the thing …..Sonal was “common I need your dick do to me please I beg you!!!!!!1” when I put my dick head on her pussy he was aaaaaaaaaaaa than slowly I inserted inside her than it was panning to her she was shouting STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP nnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooo saaaagaaaaaaaaar nooooooooo…..than I still continued doing it I said it will pain but afterwards you will feel good you will like it her pussy was sooo wet that my dick went inside her in one shot (6 inch) she was shouting noooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh …..after 10 minutes she was enjoying the thing she was pushing herself “aaaaaaaaa sagar aaaaaaaaaaa fuck me fuck me harder harder ”………..oh u r sooooooo good aoooooooooo fuck me fats yeh that’s right harder common u dickhead fuck me……………..
Than after 15 minutes I released on her …she was full on exited ………..than after that part one session we had ASS fuck AN BOOBS fuck session…………1st time in my life I fucked her almost 7 times…..I was totally tired than we went inside bath room we had shower together and than she was there whole day at my home we were together necked with each other than she went back in evening an next morning she was with her friend Sweat at my place…that story next time……….
Hope you all like the story…..Girls wants to have sex of 21or 24 would please mail me at () and also comment on this stories…..

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